Branding & Package Design | Finesse

Sydney – Graphic Design


This is a passion project for me that I hope to develop further. I wanted an opportunity to design branding and create packaging with a more refined aesthetic than I've had the opportunity to work on in my career. This was created and presented during the first few months of the pandemic. During that time the company needed to re-evaluate priorities and this project was left by the wayside. 



This program was designed to cater to makers who want to create quality jewelry. The main goal is to get placement in large craft stores so makers can have a 1-stop-shop for premium quality jewelry making supplies. The product offering includes the basics for creating simple, UV resin, and stamped jewelry.


A hand-drawn wordmark coupled with light floral imagery is used to create a luxury feel while still feeling accessible. Each category is color-coded to help a consumer navigate in a retail space. The packaging is sure to stand out amongst the plain and sometimes poorly designed jewelry products currently sold in craft stores.