Auto & Pet Packaging | Carhartt

Bryce - Graphic Design


Adapt Carhartt's branding to packaging in new product categories: Automotive Accessories, and Pet. Before this project most Carhartt packaging was essentially limited to apparel hang tags, so we were tasked to maintain brand consistency across new forms of packaging such as these boxes, backer cards and hangers.

A particular challenge was the Dog Chore Coats. They were previously hung horizontally using re-purposed pants hangers. The product did not hang straight which lead to a messy appearance in-store, and difficulty for the customer to select different sizes off the rack.


Auto Boxes: Adapting Carhartt's brand standards to emphasize the product in a brand-forward manner. 

Dog Chore coats: To solve the problem of the messy packaging, I designed a paper-board hanger that hangs the product vertically. This not only leads to a better appearance at retail, it is also cheaper to produce, is recyclable, and has a more manageable retail footprint.

Project Responsibilities

I was a key player in the design of pet line packaging and spearheaded the Automotive Accessories packaging.

  • Packaging design
  • Product Illustration
  • Icon design
  • POP display design
  • Collaboration