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Branding | Grizzly House Forge

Bryce & Sydney - Graphic Design


Create a logo and branding for Grizzly House Forge. A blacksmith who makes strong, custom, hand-forged knives and other products in Salt Lake City, Utah. They make tools for outdoors-men and knife collectors ages 25-55 in the mid-tier price range. They are inspired by the natural world and the tradition of the forge.


Logo Design

  • The mark is naturalistic and arresting. The totemic mark makes eye contact with the viewer, connecting them with the mark and the maker. The gradient ties together the warmth and power of the forge. 
  • The name of the brand is presented with strong and sturdy text with bars that ground the mark and give it structure and strength.

Color Palette

  • Inspired by the colors of the forge, this earth tone palette brings a warm and natural feel to the brand. Using sepia tones for black and white photography brings an old-fashioned feel that ties into the hand-made nature of the brand.


  • For product photography use simple wood backgrounds for the main product image. Use natural lighting whenever possible. Use dynamic camera angles to highlight product details.
  • Lifestyle photos should be warm in color or sepia-toned black and white. Show the process of making.