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Logo & Branding Exercise | Kory's Plants & Crystals

Sydney – Graphic Design


Design prompt by @briefclub on Instagram: KORY’S PLANTS & CRYSTALS 🪴 〰️ A hippie plant shop that requires a logo and paper bag design, plus any extras!



This hand-lettered logo was inspired by 60s serif fonts. I incorporated leaves into some serifs to naturally fill in empty spaces and create gestalt. After struggling with incorporating the "crystals" portion of the shop I stumbled upon an image of an agate which helped break my creative block.

I designed the paper bag to be a simple 1 color print to reduce cost and environmental impact. I felt this would be something important to the client's business model.


Icons were created to be part of a background pattern and to be utilized in other assets like stickers or stamps.

Skills Developed

  • Hand Lettering
  • Shape Refinement