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Monochrome Photography 2017 Book

Bryce - Photography


This book is a collection of photographs I took in 2017. While most of them are digital, I could not escape the allure of monochrome. There is something entrancing about black and white that I can’t fully explain. Captured in these pages are an series of memories: A work photoshoot on a ranch near Strawberry River. Visiting Moab and Backpacking through Canyonlands National Park with Tysen Mulder. Visiting the Oregon Coast with my wife, Sydney, and family. Driving our Subaru down a washed out, boulder infested road to a campsite. An aborted trip to the Sun Tunnels where we had to turn around and sleep in the car. A number of hikes in the mountains; and strolls through downtown Salt Lake City, where we lived for much of the year. Like real memories, these photos are not arranged in chronological order but are instead separated into interconnected flashes of imagery.