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Logo, Packaging, Marketing | Mold Press

Sydney – Graphic Design


The Mold Press is a vacuform machine that is groundbreaking for the crafting industry. This program was a big deal for our company and it was very important to create cohesive and eye-catching packaging. 



While developing the product another designer had taken a stab at creating a collection logo. As we tried to implement the logo onto packaging we discovered that the logo was not translating well across all applications that our collection logos are used for. Specifically, the two colors and gradient were not suitable for when the logo needed to be placed over a colored background During this time we also had a product name change. I pushed the 3D aspect of the previous design to create a subtle extruded effect that could be easily used in color, and white on a background with a transparency in the 3D lines.


The main goal for packaging was to show the versatility of what can be created with this tool. Because there is so much that can be done with plastic molds we felt it was important to show the customer what can be created with plastic molds. 

The whole collection was designed to create a cohesive look across all packages so a consumer could easily see which items work with the main tool.

Some challenges faced: 

  • We did not have an actual sample of the product to photograph so I had to integrate real photography with 3D renderings for packaging in order to hit ship dates.
  • This project was very important to the Creative Director and the CEO so a lot of revisions were made throughout the process. This helped me to become more patient and learn how to work quickly while not sacrificing quality.


Designed to engage the customer and show the fun projects possible with the tool.

Skills Developed

  • Photoshopping
  • Word mark design
  • Patience
  • Project management
  • Clear communication