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Packaging, Marketing | Button Press

Sydney – Graphic Design


The Button Press was an exciting and innovative addition to We R Memory Keeper's product line. I wanted the packaging to feel elevated to make it stand out from other button makers on the market which are often poorly designed and marketed towards children.



The packaging was designed to be clean and simple. Colors were used to differentiate the button sizes and help a customer visually see what tools go with what buttons. Packaging was also designed to work for a pegboard POG and stand on their own using a tent-like construction.

The biggest challenge with this packaging was providing all the information the customer needs as well as the requirements for 3T in an easy-to-digest form. The final solution cleanly shows what size the product is, how many pieces are in the package, and how many of the final product will be made.


Educate and get people excited about the product by showing the capabilities of the tool and show examples of the fun accessories.

Skills Developed

  • Die-line construction
  • 2D design principles