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Logo & Branding | RollFare

Sydney – Graphic Design


A local group of friends wanted to create a podcast to broadcast their D&D campaign playthroughs and create a space to share their love of RPGs. They hired me and my husband to create a logo, branding guide, podcast cover art, and a few extras. We helped them discover their brand voice and worked together to understand how we could create a visual language that would communicate with their audience.


Together we decided upon a medieval inspiration and the clients specifically loved the idea of filigree.


Leaning into heraldry iconography I drew filigree around a stylized D20 contained in the shape of a shield. In addition to the main logo with the D20, I created a Monogram version with the podcast initials and incorporated more custom filigree.


During logo exploration we had a dragon sketch that resonated with some of the clients. While it wasn't what they wanted for the logo, we decided it would be a great icon that could be used on merch.

Patterns were created to add some texture and visual interest where needed. It was a fun challenge to create icons of dice that fit with the logo while still being recognizable

Skills Developed

  • Client communication
  • Brand development